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It’s no secret that all floor coverings are filled with harmful chemical elements: formaldehydes, plasticizers, and so on. It is important that the standards for emissions into the atmosphere meet the standards, however, unfortunately, in the pursuit of profit, some manufacturers sin with this and the indicators significantly exceed the standards. And on the floor there are usually pets, children play, who involuntarily have to breathe this.

According to experts, formaldehyde has a detrimental effect on the body. With prolonged inhalation, irritation of the upper respiratory tract, spasm and edema of the larynx, cough, shortness of breath are observed, bronchitis and asthma may develop, and a number of studies have shown the toxic effect of plasticizers on the human reproductive system.

But all this can be avoided if you strive for everything that is environmentally friendly and safe for your health. Marketers have long created a trend of natural products: food, clothing, cosmetics, and everyone is trying to buy a product with a “natural product” sign.

Flooring manufacturers are also trying to keep up with the given trends. You ask how? Is vinyl flooring an eco-friendly product? Quite. If we look at the absence of preservatives and modified additives in food products, then to determine the environmental friendliness of floors, the presence of harmful substances in them and the rate of their release into the environment is taken into account.

We can offer you a collection of vinyl floors with a minimum PVC content, without plasticizers and other «harmful chemical elements», due to which the emission rates into the environment are not significant and such a product is environmentally friendly. As evidenced by the international certificate Intertek — CLEAR AIR GOLD. Thanks to this, your loved ones can spend time at home, enjoying the beauty of the flooring, absolutely without harm to health.