Collections vinyl floor SPC Grafenfloor

Collections vinyl floor SPC Grafenfloor

Easy Click Installation

100% Waterproof

Built In Premium IXPE Under Pad

Suitable With Underfloor Heating

Indent Resistent, Strong & Stable

Lay Over Existing Floors

HD Design & Textures

Slip Resistant & Ultra Quite

Environmentally Friendly

Naturally Warmer

Meets All ISO & ASTM Quality

Wear Resistant

Hard to Inflame

Ultimate Shield Surface Coating

Stain Resistant

Healthy Flooring Choice

floor coverings grafen floor consist

of the following layers:

floor coverings grafen floor consist of the following layers:

floor coverings grafen floor consist of the following layers:

ULTIMATE SHIELD TECHNOLOGY sets a new standard for SPC surface protection. This special UV coating technology provides superior resistance to wear, scratches and stains (10 times higher than conventional UV). It is present in all GRAFEN FLOOR products.

The patented TECH CORE technology creates an unrivaled waterproof rigid SPC core that delivers a density of over 2000 kg/m3. The result is a product with a rigid structure, impact resistance, extreme strength and guaranteed service life. This is only possible with a high quality and completely safe formula, which is 70% natural stone, virgin PVC and the highest quality polymers and minerals, fused together under high temperature and pressure using special technological extruders.

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Our Partners can be sure of high quality products that contribute to a healthy environment in all conditions.

SPC floors:

Safe to use in various environments

Meets high air quality emission criteria

Do not contain harmful materials: benzene, formaldehyde, phthalate or heavy metals

Are antibacterial, prevent the development of bacteria, fungi and mold

Manufactured using recycling systems that produce no industrial waste